Ghana 2016



To apply to participate in Honors 4260 in Fall 2016, on a separate sheet or two, please complete the tasks below. Because we seek a mix of participants – experienced foreign travelers and those seeking their first study abroad opportunity – there are no correct or even preferred answers to any of the questions.

1. Basic information

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Email address that you check regularly
  • Telephone number
  • Citizenship
  • Do you have a passport? If so, issued by which government?
  • Year in college, major field of study (and if applicable co-major), GPA

2. Statement of Interest
In 300-500 words explain how the African Democracy Project seminar relates to your program of academic study and to your career or life interests. Keep in mind that while you need to demonstrate the seriousness of your interest in the African Democracy Project course and the trip to Ghana, it is not necessary that you be developing an academic or career specialization in political science, African politics, or any other specialized field.

3. Travel Experience
List all of the places to which you have traveled outside the United States and Canada since the age of fourteen. Explain briefly the nature and duration of these travel experiences.

4. Regional Connections
Please indicate whether you have any special relationship to any of the countries on the continent of Africa (e.g. family ties, travel, language skills).

Please also attach the following two supporting documents:

5. Transcript
A copy of your WSU Pipeline transcript is sufficient.

6. Recommendation
Provide a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at WSU or another university. This letter should be in a sealed envelope with the signature across the seal, or can be sent by the faculty member directly via email to

COMPLETE Applications are due Friday, April 8, 2016 and should be delivered to Sabrina Stennis-Jefferson in Dr. Reid’s Office, 5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 2022, Detroit, MI, 48202.

For more information about the course contact:
Dr. Reid at or Professor Jennifer Hart at