About Mozambique


Mozambique is emerging to play an increasingly significant role on the global stage of commercial and cultural exchange. Under Portuguese dominance for almost 500 years, the country won its independence in 1975. It then suffered a debilitating 16-year civil war between the ideologically struggling new socialist government and anti-government guerrillas. A new constitution based on democratic principles was written in 1990, a cease-fire agreement between the government and the guerrillas was signed in 1992, and the first multi-party elections were held in 1994.

If the earth’s global society is to be peaceful, as well as economically viable, all of its citizens will need to have an understanding of how to balance conflicting interests in peace with mutual respect.

Mozambique serves as a model for embracing diverse political experiences for the betterment of its people. The African Democracy Project will help create a deeper understanding of politics in Africa, not only for the Wayne State students who travel to Mozambique, but all those who experience the documentary in the coming years.


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