Alice Rivlin

On April 6, 2010, FOCIS presented economist Alice Rivlin as the featured speaker during The Michigan Economy: Will it Get Better, Can it Get Worse? a daylong symposium exploring issues that hinder growth in Michigan’s economy and analyzing factors that could energize our long-awaited recovery.

Alice Rivlin is former director of the US Office of Budget and Management, a frequent contributor to newspapers, television, and radio, and has written numerous books on economics. Rivlin delivered the keynote presentation, while a slate of recognized leaders in policy analysis, authorities in economic development and business executives reviewed national and state economic policies, examined the value of public/private partnerships and deliberated strategies for restoring vitality to our regional economy.

More than 20 presenters gave valuable insight throughout the day, speaking on current economic trends and business conditions, threats to and opportunities for business expansion, and critical steps for transforming the Michigan economy.

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