Course Description - ADP Liberia

Voter vest in Monrovia.

For Fall 2011, the African Democracy Project seminar focused on Democracy in Liberia.  Students experienced a semester of intensive study of the challenges of democratization in Liberia, challenges which are shared by many other developing nations.

As part of the course, students accompanied WSU President Emeritus Irvin D. Reid on a two-week trip to Liberia in October 2011.  While there, they observed national elections and interviewed a wide spectrum of participants in the construction of Liberian democracy.  Upon their return, students produced original research papers and shared their work and experiences with the class, the university and the greater Detroit community.

Throughout the course students documented their experiences through video, blogging and journaling.  Course participants also engaged in a service learning experience with a local community service organization in Metro Detroit.  Students applied their experience in Liberia to better understand how local issues resonate globally and how global issues resonate locally.

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