Business, Industry and Economics

Business, Industry and Economics

No industry, business or household can escape the ripple effect economic disturbances – for better or worse. In our fast-paced, interconnected world, local, regional, federal and global economies are bound inextricably together, with economic events in Beijing, Brussels or Buenos Aires having profound effects on decisions made in places like Washington DC, New York City, Seattle or Southeast Michigan.

Discussions on business, industry, employment and economics will increase the public’s understanding of issues like the global financial crisis and US economic stimulus and recovery, fiscal, monetary and international trade and investment policies, the intricacies of the global financial markets and our regional and local economies.

Past forums have featured former directore of the US Office of Budget and Management, who spoke on our state and national economies, and best-selling author and buisness thinker Daniel Pink, who spoke on Michigan's labor force. More recently, FOCIS hosted former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who was the featured speaker for a discussion on the new normal for retirement.

Jane Fonda discusses the "longevity revolution."





Past forums:
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Job Developement and Workforce Creation, November 2010


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