Globalization And Contemporary Politics

Globalization and Contemporary Politics

FOCIS provides a platform for dialogue that underscores major conceptual and theoretical issues generated by current and recent world politics, which are defined broadly to include social, economic, developmental, environmental and gender issues garnering broad interest or materializing as great moments in history. Whether examining the political shenanigans that eventually brought down the presidency of Richard M. Nixon; the historic, against-all-odds election of President Barack Obama; the surprising progress toward democracy surging across Sub-Saharan Africa; the dismantling of South Africa’s apartheid system; or the brutal fallout from Iran’s most recent elections, FOCIS seeks to punctuate the good, the triumphs, tragedies and tangles along humankind’s journey toward civility and order.

Past forums:
Mexico in America – An Educational Forum on Chicano and Mexicans in America

The Press and the Presidency

Third World America, October 2010